Women’s Cricket and the Road to Equality

In the centuries since its introduction, cricket has come a long way from being played by British shepherds to the second most popular sport in the world. Despite the immense popularity of the sport, women’s cricket has been undeservedly neglected. Today we will correct this unfortunate injustice and tell you why women’s cricket is awesome! Sit back and get ready to learn a lot of interesting facts.

Historical overview

Cricket is believed to have originated in medieval England and was originally a pastoral pastime. Over time, the game was favored by barons and lords, which gave the game a boost in development. The first professional clubs, equipment, and stadiums began to appear. 

Despite the fact that the first mentions in chronicles date back to the 16th century, the history of women’s cricket began in the late 19th century. It was then that women began to play cricket. There were both separate women’s teams and mixed teams consisting of both sexes. In 1926, the Women’s Cricket Association was formed, after which women’s cricket was finally formalized as a professional sport.

Since the middle of the 20th century, women’s cricket began to gradually gain popularity, the fan base is growing and, sponsorship contracts and cricket betting grew. This led to the first Women’s World Cup in 1973. This tournament was a significant step in the recognition of women’s cricket as a serious sport by the international community.

The challenges of women’s cricket

One of the key factors in the development of any industry is financing. Today it is hard to deny that money rules the world and unfortunately, women’s cricket remains underfunded compared to men’s one. Although there are trends towards equalization of income, there is still a long way to go before true equality.

It’s about the same situation with media support. Match coverage plays an important role in popularizing the sport and women’s cricket today suffers from a lack of media attention, which makes it difficult to attract new fans and sponsors. 

Many would say that lack of funding and media coverage is not a cause but a consequence and they may be right. However, there is another problem that makes women’s cricket inferior to men’s cricket in popularity and that is stereotypes.  Unfortunately, in many regions, cricket is inaccessible to women because of stigmatization and even bans at the state level.

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Icons and role models

Role modeling is an extremely important aspect. Such players inspire and motivate future generations, making the sport virtually immortal. Let us talk about some of the significant personalities.

  • Mithali Raj is without exaggeration one of the most respected cricketers in the world. She started her professional career in 1999 and has established herself as an outstanding batswoman. Raj is the leader and captain of the Indian women’s team and holds many records such as the most runs scored in international matches and the number one ranking for runs in ODIs. Her skill and character have made her an icon of women’s cricket in India.
  • Meg Lanning is the captain of the England women’s national team. She has repeatedly demonstrated her prowess on the pitch, single-handedly turning around the outcome of matches. She holds the world record for the most centuries in one-day international matches. Many girls in England, Australia, and other countries look up to her and dream of becoming a professional player like Meg.
  • Stafanie Taylor is another example of perseverance and skill. This Jamaican athlete is known for her versatility and excels in the roles of batsman and bowler. Stafanie is known for her outstanding playing achievements and is a role model for many young cricketers in the Caribbean and beyond.


We hope you enjoyed our story about women’s cricket and got the urge to watch some matches. In terms of spectacle, women’s cricket is not inferior to men’s cricket, and in terms of passion and emotion, perhaps even surpasses it! Love cricket, support the sport, and enjoy the game! All the best!

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