Train Like a Champion: Secrets from India’s Top Athletes

Forget the overpriced gym memberships and the latest fad workout classes – India’s sporting superstars are dominating the world stage, and their training secrets are hiding in plain sight! From cricket smashes to badminton blitzes, these champions train like beasts, but the good news? Lots of their techniques can be easily snagged by us regular folks.  So, ditch the treadmills of monotony and get ready to unleash your inner Indian sporting legend. Let’s steal some killer moves from these fitness superstars! 

Virat Kohli, Cricket

First up is the undisputed king of cricket, Virat Kohli. This batting legend’s fitness regime is the stuff of legend, putting many young athletes to shame. His core strengthening routines are particularly renowned – Kohli reportedly does an eye-watering 300 ab crunches per day! No wonder he’s so popular among bettors in many trusted apps, such as Fun 88, available for download at the link For those looking to get ripped like the cricketing megastar, here’s a more accessible version to try: start with 3 sets of 25 crunches, adding 5 more reps per set every week. Combine that with 2 minutes of plank holds, and you’ll have a rock solid midsection in no time. Just be sure to avoid Kohli’s intense glares in the mirror or you may accidently intimidate yourself.

PV Sindhu, Badminton

Turning to the court, let’s dial up the adrenaline by emulating badminton queen PV Sindhu’s training. Her signature moves? An endless barrage of lightning-quick footwork drills from one corner of the court to another. While most of us don’t have the agility (or conscriptional hustle) of a top-ranked world shuttler, there’s an easy way to inject some Sindhu dynamism into our lives. Set up some cones or other markers in a square pattern, around 8-10 feet apart. Then spend 5-10 minutes shuffling side-to-side and forward-backward between them, pumping those legs. Add some explosive jumps if you’re feeling ambitious. Just be sure there are no low ceilings nearby! 

Sakshi Malik, Wrestling

Maybe you prefer your exercise a little more rugged and grapple-centric? Then look no further than India’s powerhouse wrestlers like Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sakshi Malik. While recreating their intense mat work isn’t advisable (unless you have a passion for contortions), building that signature core and upper body strength is. A perfect example is the legendary “Malik Pushup”, where you explode up from the ground by driving through your chest. Rather than maxing out with full reps, try 3 sets of 5-10 pushups using this explosive style. Your neighbours may mistake the grunts for stadium cheers.

Proper Nutrition

No elite training plan would be complete without fueling up properly. Luckily, most Indian athletes subscribe to a straightforward philosophy of fresh, nutrient-dense whole foods. Think lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and slow-burning carbs. Nothing fancy, just quality fuel to power their inhuman workouts. Processed junk and supplements are typically shunned in favour of the real deal.  


Of course, no amount of physical conditioning can replace the mental fortitude and determination of a true champion. Indian athletes are renowned for their pre-game meditation, chanting and visualization rituals to lock in laser focus. For us average folk, it’s easy to borrow this mental toughness mindset. Create your own pre-workout routine based around controlled breathing, positive self-talk and envisioning your fitness goals. Or you could just listen to locker room psych-up speeches. Just be careful, families may question all the sudden shouting emanating from your basement!

So whether it’s explosive core moves from Virat Kohli, agility drills in the style of PV Sindhu or brute strength routines inspired by Sakshi Malik, there’s something for everyone looking to train more like an Indian sporting great. Sure, it will take true grit and perseverance to reach their elite levels. But by embracing some of their training secrets, you too can unleash your inner athletic champion.