Top 10 Best Indian VPS Hosting Providers in 2024 

Want to host your website in India and are looking for the best VPS hosting to Grab Indian Traffic? Are you aiming your e-commerce website or online store at Indian consumers? If so, you may find this article to be worthwhile.

We’ll talk about the Top 10 Best VPS Hosting in India in this post, which can help you grow your eCompany to new heights. We’ve also included a list of considerations for choosing the best VPS hosting provider to host your website.

First off, local VPS hosting or VPS servers in India can offer you the lowest latency, regional redundancy, and other SEO benefits that will help you rank your website at the top of search results. Second, provides local customer service in regional tongues. 

Having said that, let’s continue to learn about the top 10 best VPS hosting in India for 2024 that either have data servers there or provide web services for Indian-based websites. 👍

Top Indian VPS Hosting Providers in 2024

We’ve gathered a collection of the Top 10 Indian VPS Hosting Services Providers specifically for you. They provide all web-related solutions and VPS hosting services, enabling your high-traffic websites to operate at their best among site visitors.


YouStable, a web hosting company that offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting with a free control panel called cPanel to manage web files and install compatible software with just a single click, is among the Cheapest Top Indian VPS hosting Providers. 

Get Fully Managed VPS servers with round-the-clock support services in Hindi and English for users with no experience configuring servers.

Key Specifications

The key features that YouStable’s VPS services offer its potential users are given as follows:

  • A Dedicated FireWall SetUp for improved Security and a Weekly Snapshot for VPS server monitoring.
  • YouStable’s Effortless Website Migration from another Hosting Provider for absolutely Zero Cost offers a User-friendly environment.
  • A Minimum 1TB BandWidth offers you never-to-fail Network connectivity and assures swift data transmission.
  • VPS hosting plans are Highly Scalable, allowing users to Upgrade and Downgrade web resources.

Plans and Pricing

Below is a screenshot that shows all of the VPS hosting options, along with their associated costs. Visit YouStable’s official website to get more information and to take advantage of hot deals.


BigRock, Indian web hosting service provider, offers web related solutions like Fully managed VPS services to Bloggers, Startups (Having Zero knowledge about VPS servers) and Self Managed VPS services to web developers (wanting Complete Access to the VPS servers).

Moreover, Get Expandable SSD and Advanced Server Hardware, thereby ensuring swift and effortless website speed and improved performance as well. 

Key Specifications

The key specification involved in the VPS plans of BigRock are given as under:

  • VPS plans of BigRock offers 1 Free Dedicated IPv4 for giving more isolated hosting environment, thereby getting more dedicated web resources.
  • The VPS plans are highly Scalable, enabling the users of the website to increase or decrease the web resources as per the needs.
  • Enjoy a Full Root Access to your VPS servers and make the configurations according to the requirements of the website.
  • Get Dedicated 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and Ticketing support to help the clients resolve simple server related issues.

Plans and Pricing

Below, is a screenshot, showing the VPS hosting plans and its prices offered by BigRock:


HostArmada’s VPS hosting servers are constructed using KVM virtualization technology and provide excellent hosting for websites with a lot of traffic. Because of Web FireWall Protection and DDoS Protection against hostile cyberattacks, the VPS servers are extremely safe. 

Additionally, HostArmada’s VPS hosting plans give customers Full Root Access for independent configuration.

Key Specifications

The following are the main characteristics of HostArmada’s VPS hosting services:

  • To secure your VPS servers, HostArmada provides free SSLs for all websites, Imunify360, and a ton of other cutting-edge security technologies.
  • To manage email settings, domain-related configurations, backups, and database management, get a free cPanel.
  • HostArmada’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for beginners to comprehend configuration, payments, and other hosting settings.
  • Consistent support is offered by HostArmada’s hosting experts via LiveChat and Ticketing, as well as in local languages.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS plans offered by HostArmada and its pricing policy are given to you as under:


One of the Best VPS Hosting Service Providers in India, Kamatera, which has 18 data centers worldwide, offers website users Top-Notch website hosting services. Kamatera provides Enterprise-Grade Fast, Flexible, and Secure Cloud Computing Solutions. 

Customers can concentrate exclusively on the expansion of their websites as a result of the cloud servers being fully managed through a straightforward management portal.

Key Specifications

Features that Kamatera’s VPS solutions offer its customers are provided to you as under:

  • Users receive 24-hour Live chat, and ticketing systems offer round-the-clock, reliable customer support.
  • Offers a minimum 2.7GHz CPU series and Intel Xeon Gold/IceLake Processors to give users the best VPS hosting experience.
  • Options for data restoration, load balancing, and daily backups are also offered for enhanced website performance.
  • By obtaining 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime, you can make sure that your website is live and open to visitors round-the-clock.

Plans and Pricing

Below is the Price Calculator, offered by Kamatera, letting the Users pick Web-related resources as per their needs.


Talk about e-commerce sites, gaming platforms, video streaming, and basic blogging. DigitalOcean is relevant because it enhances the speed of your website by offering advanced CPU infrastructure, faster disk performance, and a consistently faster page loading rate. 

The Linux operating system is available on Digital Ocean VPS servers, which provide an easy-to-use hosting environment.

Key Specifications

Are you eager to learn more details about the VPS hosting services offered by DigitalOcean? Read the following points through:

  • Extremely adaptable, enabling you to increase or decrease the VPS’s resources in response to the website’s increased demand.
  • Free c-Panel and a one-click installer provide the user with a hosting environment that is easy to use.
  • DigitalOcean guarantees 99.95% Uptime, which means your website will be online 24/7 with almost no downtime.
  • Users have a very smooth hosting experience thanks to round-the-clock customer support via live chat and ticketing systems.

Plans and Pricing

Here are the various Plans and its related features, with their Prices presented in a table format.


A web hosting company called BlueHost provides True Web solutions for websites that experience high traffic influxes. Users can access the Multi-Server Management portal for simple server management even if they have no prior experience managing server issues. 

In order to guarantee specific access and protect the owner’s information, BlueHost even allows you to generate strong passwords.

Key Specifications

The features offered by BlueHost are provided to you as under:

  • BlueHost’s VPS server Plans include a Free cPanel in order to enable the users to handle web related configuration like managing web files and a lot more.
  • With the latest TopNotch KVM Hypervisor, the dedicated web resources like RAM/ CPU/ Storage, required to run your website 24/7 are easily provided.
  • Get Free SSL Certificates for all your websites in order to ensure a private and secure connection between the user and the visitor of the website.
  • Round-the-clock support services are offered by Hindi and English Speaking Web hosting experts via LiveChat and Ticketing system. 

Plans and Pricing

Below is a screenshot shared in order to give an idea about the VPS hosting plans and pricing schemes:


A2Hosting, one of the Best VPS hosting companies, helps users restore website data with built-in CloudLinux OS and easy backup plans. Furthermore, A2Hosting offers cPanel and an intuitive interface for effortless website management.

Users can receive uninterrupted round-the-clock web support via the LiveChat feature and Ticketing support systems. 

Key Specifications

  • Users who have access to A2Hosting’s Full Root VPS servers can also manage and customize their servers to suit their own requirements.
  • A2Hosting provides users with cPanel for seamless configurations, allowing them to manage web files and customize the website to suit their needs.
  • Provides users with the option to select from a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
  • A2Hosting offers highly Scalable VPS hosting plans that enable users to easily adjust the web resources as per the requirement of the website.

Plans and Pricing

Let’s see the VPS hosting Plans offered by A2Hosting:


One of the top providers of VPS hosting services, FastComet has data centers located in Mumbai, the center of India’s economy. It provides web-related solutions to users who wish to operate their business online 24/7.

In addition to being reasonably priced, FastComet’s VPS hosting services are also simple to use and administer. 

Key Specifications

The following are the salient characteristics of FastComet’s VPS hosting services:

  • 24/7 customer service ensures prompt issue resolutions and fosters a friendly VPS hosting environment.
  • Because users can easily adjust the web resources to suit the needs of their websites, FastComet’s VPS plans are highly scalable.
  • Strong EEC RAM and SSD storage technology provides faster web page loads and faster content delivery.
  • FastComet offers various services to secure VPS servers, including Imunify360, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs for all your websites.

Plans and Pricing

The screenshot that follows demonstrates FastComet’s VPS hosting plans and pricing structure:


With ChemiCloud’s Fully Managed Cloud VPS hosting services, users can concentrate on the expansion of their websites as there is no need to worry about server management or troubleshooting. Additionally, acquire SSD NVMe storage technology and CloudFlare CDN, which will accelerate the delivery of your content and the loading time of web pages.

Additionally, Chemicloud uses Imunify360, Advanced DDoS Protection, and other security measures to safeguard your cloud VPS servers.

Key Specifications

The following are the salient characteristics of Chemicloud’s cloud VPS hosting services:

  • Consistent live chat and ticketing support available around-the-clock for troubleshooting issues resulting from VPS server configurations.
  • LiteSpeed Web VPS cloud servers guarantee lightning-fast website loading times in addition to round-the-clock website uptime.
  • Due to the high scalability of the VPS plans, users can adjust the amount of web resources to suit their needs.
  • Optimized DDoS defense and Firewall defense guarantee the maximum security for the VPS servers.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS plans, and its Pricing policy offered by Chemicloud are stated below in the Screenshot:


The Next-Gen and one of the Best VPS hosting companies in India, UltaHost, offers VPS hosting that is up to 20 times faster and even less expensive. It provides maximum flexibility, scalable DDR5 RAM for increased performance, unlimited bandwidth, live chat support round-the-clock, fully managed VPS servers that keep servers up to date and running, and customizable VPS servers at an unbeatable price. 

Are you interested in learning more specifics about UltaHost? View the specifications UltaHost offers to clients who wish to host their websites in India.

Key Specifications

The features that India-based VPS hosting services of UltaHost provide its users are as follows:

  • For customers wishing to switch to UltaHost, free domain transfers, free SSLs for all of your domains, and free daily backups provide a better hosting experience.
  • BitNinja Security offers both Standard and Advanced DDoS Protection to effectively safeguard your website’s data.
  • Gain complete root access to your fully managed virtual private server (VPS) and customize installs and configurations to suit your website’s needs.
  • Customize your VPS servers to meet the needs of your websites, choose the right operating system, and make many more settings.

Plans and Price

Would you like to view the various VPS-managed server plans and the associated cost structures? Then, look at this below:

It is strongly advised that readers visit the official website of the VPS hosting provider to check the most recent prices, as these can fluctuate based on deals and promotions.

Which Indian VPS Hosting Services Should I Try?

Uncertain about which VPS hosting company to choose? Select YouStable because it provides Cleints with support services in Hindi, the local tongue, as well as enhanced hardware technology and an incredible CPU processor, enabling users to experience a top-notch hosting environment.

See even more options for VPS hosting, such as BigRock, which excels at offering the highest dedicated Uptime, and DigitalOcean, which is well-known for its most recent web solution powered by Droplets. 


Customers should consider VPS hosting services if they’re searching for a highly effective and scalable hosting solution. Choosing a VPS hosting provider can be difficult, though, as there are numerous companies offering a range of plans with different features and resources.

Keep in mind, while choosing the Best VPS hosting provider in India for 2024, be sure to prioritize speed, security, and scalability. Remember to select one with an Indian data center location to receive Hindi support services and to reduce latency for the Indian web viewership.

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