How to Buy a Domain Name in India – Detailed Guide

Rahul Yadav

Here I’m going to explain How to buy a Domain name in India? It’s not a review but a satisfied customer point towards the one who like to choose between a domain providers.

Linux VPS hosting offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for hosting websites and applications buying a domain name in India involves selecting a suitable domain registrar, choosing a domain name, and completing the registration process. These two components work together to establish your online presence.

Do you have a Domain Name?

Domain is the essential one when it comes to make your business online, which helps to identify your business prospective to the World Wide Web that’s over internet.

Yes, now you know why you need to own a domain name, the next step is from where who need to register a domain. For this, you need to work on google search to know who are the domain registrar and their support features more than that what are the TLD’s available.

There is various Domain registrar available across, I personally recommend SeekaHost India – Domain registrar and a Hosting Provider.   

The reason for me to choose SeekaHost India is their world class support and a budget friendly price, which other hosting providers lack to provide. 

Many would think that cheap coting comes with the cheap features and the less quality, but if you’re a SeekaHoster you will know that their client satisfaction is very much important for them. So, you will get a Premium level support at your price.  

SeekaHost India really assist me in Choosing the Domain?

Yes, that is their goal, to help who “Seeks for a host”. SeekaHost India team will assist you in choosing the Domain name which suits your business with the premium TLD’s which helps in overall ranking in the google search engines. 

They also assist you in choosing the best hosting package which suits your business requirements. 

Why choose SeekaHost India to buy a Domain?

SeekaHost India provides the choices to check domain names with different TLD’s suggestions and exclusive offers with ID protections and DNS Management and much more to excite us.

And the major thing I missed to tell you is, if you are a new one to SeekaHost India, they will provide you with the 50% offer for the domain registrations. (Confirm the offer through their chat support)

Domain is the one which is the key to open your online door of your business and blogging sites. So, there must be a clear knowledge to choose a domain name which might resembles your Business and blogs to get a high reach of your targeted clients. And it must not be too long which makes the domain as sentence or old and in attractive look.

They also provide dedicated support and also assist you in buying the domain names and provide the top level TLD domains at a very low cost.

How to buy a Domain in India (SeekaHost)?

Here I’m gonna explain how to choose a Domain name with a SeekaHost India, so just open your Laptops, PC and ready with the website. Now, you’re going to spent next few minutes with the, let’s get started.

Let’s get start Navigate to website once you get in to the SeekaHost India Website.

Follow the Below Steps to Order a New Domain:

Step 1: By navigating to the click on the Domain name menu as shown
Step 2: You will be redirected to the Domain Name Registration page
Step.3. Enter the domain name and search you will get to the cart
Step 4: You can apt for ID protection, DNS Management, Email Forwarding for your Domains.

Step 5: Enter your details and then check out for payments.

It’s as simple as that to register a domain name in India, particularly with the user friendly panel in SeekaHost. In case, you have doubts on any of these step, just raise a chat in their website, you will get support 24×7. 

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