Top 15 Chinese Dishes You Can Enjoy at Restaurants in Hyderabad

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For people who have enjoyed flavors of Chinese food, most will admit that it is very delicious — apparent by its huge popularity all over the world. Chinese cuisine provides a number of flavors and different cooking methods, for example, red-cooking and stir-frying. Some of the finest Chinese food involves the culture’s affluent flavors and conventional cooking methods that make the food so amazing and exclusive.

Looking for real Chinese food in Hyderabad? Yes, Hyderabad involves top Chinese restaurants that offer true flavors and rich cuisine. From dumplings to pecking ducks, here we have discussed the finest Chinese dishes that you can eat in the city.

Which Are the Best Chinese Dishes Available in Hyderabad?

1. Steamed rice and preserved meat

Steamed rice, immersed sausage, and green leaf vegetables together, and then mixing up a flavourful sauce is the most general way of preparing the popular Cantonese dish in a clay pot. The crispy rice on the base is the significance of this dish and an emblem of the balanced flavor.

2. Double-cooked pork slices

Double-cooked pork slices are a conventional dish of pork meat in Sichuan cooking. Double-cooked pork slices are identified by their exclusive taste, bright brown color, and oil shine but not greasy. So, you can get this dish in many Chinese restaurants in the city or order online from the comfort of your home.

3. Stinky Tofu

If you can bear the smell, the tastiness of smelly Tofu, and the health advantages it brings to people, it may make you a fan of this famous dish. It is usually prepared by deep-frying and served with chili sauce. It is a trendy snack served in various Chinese restaurants in the city.

4. Two-layer Milk Custard or Pudding

Two-layer milk custard or pudding is a popular conventional dessert. It is usually served in the afternoon tea or after dinner. It is known as double-layer milk custard due to the double milky covers on the top, which are made throughout cooking. The initial skin is made when cooling the hot milk, and another is made when cooling the prepared custard. This dish is now served in a number of Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad.

5. Spicy Crawfish (Lobsters)

On summer days, the crawfish, also known as small lobsters, is an essential dish loved by all people. It is made with pepper, chili, and different spices. The red color of the crawfish mixes the spicy taste, thereby making the dish better.

6. Steamed Fish Head with Chopped Pepper

Steamed fish head with chopped pepper comes from Hunan cuisine. Mixing the uniqueness of a fish head and the spiciness of chopped chili, this dish includes tasty flavors. The glossy red color, active flavor, and delicate texture of the fish meat add to the recognition of this dish.

7. Stinking Mandarin Fish

Stinking mandarin fish is not smelly when it is prepared. With the spicy green and red chilies, and the seasoning speckled on the top, people who like to eat this dish are ever attracted by its unique taste.

8. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup

It is a dish well-known for its variations in food flavors and the supplements it involves. This famous soup has to be stewed and slowly cooked for many hours till all the ingredients do not become tender. There are also many herbs mixed in this soup that makes the soup the most delicious soup.

9. Palgongsan Tofu or Bagongshan Bean Curd

Palgongsan Tofu is a popular conventional dish in Anhui cooking. This dish is highlighted in Tofu. It involves a golden and crispy outer covering of Tofu and a delicate sweet inside, which brings a different and fresh flavor to this dish.

10. Sweet Peanut Soup

This is the best dessert, simply made using peanuts, sugar, and water. It is sweet, rich, and creamy. Do not wait anymore! Try this delicious soup in one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad.

11. West Lake fish With Vinegar gravy

This is a delicate and fresh fish dish made without using a drop of cooking oil. The soup flavoring can offer a sour and sweet taste to the fish. You can even feel an insignificant smell of crab from it. So, go and taste now at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad.

12. Dongpo Simmered Pork Belly

Dongpo simmered pork belly is a marked dish of Hangzhou cooking. As the name implies, this dish is made using pork belly with a good mix of lean and fatty meat. Spices are mixed during cooking to make this dish less oily and more delicious.

13. Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs

The Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is a well-known seasonal crab post the Mid-Autumn Festival until the finish of December. This dish is not related to the meat in the crab-for example, a Sri Lankan Crab or Alaskan king crab but regarding the crab delicacy.

14. Beggar’s Chicken

It is a traditional and the most popular dish from Changshu, Jiangsu. This dish is not exactly made for beggars. It has called Beggar’s chicken because of the way of making it. This dish is prepared by covering the processed chicken with mud and lotus leaves and then roasting it into the fire. This cooking method is direct, in which you do not require any tools. Thus, even a beggar can make it. Also available in various Chinese restaurants.

15. Sweet and Sour Spareribs

The Sweet and sour spareribs dish is one of the prominent rib dishes in China. The unique sweet and sour sauce is spread on the deep-fried spare ribs to enhance fresh flavor and make the ribs less oily. Many Chinese restaurants in Hyderabad also specialize in offering this delicacy.

Final Words

Finally, when we talk about Chinese food, it is more relevant to think like a ruler, be like a ruler, and eat like a ruler. So, do your task to go through the menu as the ingredients describe all you require to know. For more details on Chinese Restaurants in Hyderabad, you may check out Swiggy.

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